May Putt: Cruisin’ Under the Stars…. Benefitting….. Make-A-Wish……

Glendale, AZ

May 18, 2024

Pictures by Russ Whitfeldt

Write up by Russ Whitfeldt

It was Saturday May 18th 2024, 6pm till 10pm and it was held at Victory Lane Sports Park. There was 8 club cars and two visitors. Russ and Ruth arrived at the park just a little after 4pm and the Way’s were right behind them. They got there early so as when members showed up, they were able to park together in the outside parking lot. The gates were opened at 5pm and all the cars started to move in and onto the ball field. Russ pulled his car out and blocked all others so we could all park together. Once we were parked, the flag went up and Ron put up his baby pop-up. We all set around the flag and had good conversations and a lot of laughter. It was hot to start with but once the sun went down it was great. Always nice when you can park on grass. It should be mentioned that John and Ron were desperately trying to put a chair together in front of John’s car while Carol and Helen were doing the same thing at the back of the car. Don’t know who won but it took about 30 minuets and the chairs were together and stayed that way until it was time for them to leave. Needless to say, we had a few good laughs over that ordeal.
Due to being the hottest day of the year so far and Tom & Kathy not being able to show because Tom had last minute eye surgery, we had a good turn out, good times, with good friends.
Thank you Tom and Kathy for putting on our May Putt.