2016 Route 666 Blast From The Past

Alpine Arizona

May 28, 2016

by Conrad Monroe

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  • 2016 Rt 666 Blast From The Past - 001 - Conrad Monroe

8th Annual Car Show

Steve & Terri Besore in their 1950 Chevy Pickup joined Michelle and I in our 1939 Ford Sedan for the drive over to Alpine for the Blast From The Past Car Show. The weather was great mid 70s in the morning warming up to 82 in the afternoon. This year is the 8th time that they have put the show on and they had probably the best turnout ever. I am guessing about 100 cars made the at least one hour plus drive to a town at 8500′ out in the middle of absolutely nowhere.

Some really nice cars showed this year. Steve Wing had his new 1955 Chevy gasser out. He built it for the Drag and Drive series his 1st time out was at the recent Tucson Nostalgia Drags. Car looks great! Also there was a 1955 I think Mack Semi Tractor that I would love to own.

The show is very well organized and really a lot of fun.  Both Steve and I won runner up trophies, which are always unique at this show. This year they were small gumball machines with the show info placed on them…

Several of our friends from the White Mountain Cruisers won a number of the trophies as well.  We enjoyed a nice drive back to Show Low with Steve & Terri.  It’s nice to have club friends living up here now!

Till next time!


2016 Tucson Rodders Days

by Conrad Monroe
April 29-30, 2016

42nd Annual Tucson Rodders Days
4th Ave, Tucson, Arizona
Presented by the Tucson Street Rod Association

We had a large group traveling to Tucson this year. The Thursday group met at the Slab and took the backroads through Florence to Lupe’s in Oracle Junction where Michelle and I met them for lunch. We came down through Winkleman on 77 to avoid the blasting and construction on US60. The group consisted  of Bob Bailey with out Miss Betty,  Dave & Anne Bennett, Larry & Brenda Besore, Charlie & Danise Cover, Jim & Carol Dalton, Ron & Jan Olmstead,  Ken Schaaf & Dee Guintoli, Larry & Theresa Way and Michelle and I. Thursday evening we all went for dinner at the Pinnacle Peak Patio which was set up by Tony & Jeanine Cruze. Unfortunately Tony was not feeling well and he stayed home. I highly recommend the ribs! which were exceptional.

On Friday Page & Linda Barnes, Steve & Cindy Bryant, Paul & Judy Nolte, Larry & Sandie Wiebeto and club friends Manfred & Connie Wagner and Greg Selvidge & Sherry Hoffler drove down and met us at the hotel.

On Friday, the Thursday group went on the cruise up to Mt Lemon for the annual Burger Burn. The weather was sunny but cool so most of the group was bundled up and sitting in their cars… just sayin…

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  • 2016 Run to Mount Lemon - 001 - Conrad Monroe

Mt Lemon Burger Burn

On Friday evening there was a dinner and auction which Michelle and I did not attend. We met some of our off road racing friends for dinner, so I do not have much to report…

This year we were back on 4th Ave, which IMO is one of the better car show venues. The shops are quite eclectic and provide something for the participants that want to do more than sit behind their ride, with a duster in their hand. The show was moved to the U of A Mall for a couple of years while the light rail train tracks were being laid. Sad to say the old street cars have been replaced by new high tech trains.  For some reason they had a SUV leading the way for the train all day, I guess the idea was that it would prevent distracted walkers from getting ran over.

  • 2016 4th Ave Car Show - OTHG - 046 - Conrad Monroe

The Over the Hill Gang Phoenix at the Show


  • 2016 4th Ave Car Show - 072 - Conrad Monroe

Everybody Else at the Show

The weather was typical for a show at this time of the year, mostly nice all day, then a bit of a rain shower in mid afternoon to provide just enough water to create water spots.  The Awards were given out at the Saturday Night Dinner, which was a good change.

The club received the award for best represented car club.  Dave & Anne Bennett, Steve & Cindy Bryant, Larry & Teresa Way,  and Manfred & Connie Wagner all received awards.

All in all another very well organized and run show.  Our thanks to the Tucson Street Rod Association for all of the planning and hard work that it takes to put a show of this caliber on.

Bis Später…