2016 January Laughlin

Cruising on the River
Laughlin, NV

January 15-17, 2016

by Larry Besore

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  • 2016 January Laughlin Show - 001 - Larry Besore

The Cousins on the River

Most years for the last several, Nick- Deb  Bacon, Jeff – Vic Bacon, Brenda and I have made the run to Laughlin for cruising on  the river show.

Sometimes it’s cold and windy, sometime pleasant. This year it was pretty nice. They get 200 hundred or so cars for this show. Bill and Nancy Wilkins have been to every show both Jan and sept versions.

We had a non -eventful run up to the river on Thursday, spent some time in the Casino before calling it  day. Friday’s show and shine was good weather again and the cars were coming in steady all day.

The lot was pretty much full by 3PM. We saved our places and went back to our casino. The show is at the Riverside, but we prefer to stay at the Tropicana.

Had a great Birthday dinner my belated, and Nicks Jan B-day, then hit the Casino for a while.

Saturdays show was packed, they sure need more room for cars. The Sept show used to be twice as big but the Jan show is gaining on it.

Always see some unusual rides here, this year we had a Graham Hollywood, a sectioned 51 Chevy, and a nice 49 Willy’s panel jeep, along with many other nice but typical cars.

All in all a great weekend and some quality fam-time.


2016 OTHG-Phoenix Photoshoot

Phoenix South Mountain City Park

January 9, 2016

By Conrad Monroe

This is a slideshow of the members that made it to this years photoshoot. Good participation this year! Note: Michelle is standing next to my Tundra 4×4 pick up since the snow was around a foot deep  in front of our shop. I guess one of the days I will need to build a 4×4 COE truck with a Dodge Turbo Cummings engine so we can get out in the winter in a proper ride!

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  • Michelle Monroe

2016 OTHG-Phoenix Members and Their Rides

2016 OTHG-Phoenix Picnic and Photoshoot

Phoenix South Mountain City Park

January 9, 2016

By Conrad Monroe
Photos by Mike Rust, Sharon Burdett and Conrad Monroe

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  • 2016 OTHG & Shonare Vhekadla Clan - 001 - Mike Rust

Hot Rods Meet Star Wars!

Last Saturday, the club met at Star Bucks on Central Ave for a cruise down Central to South Mountain City Park for our what is becoming annual Picnic and Photoshoot. The weather leading up to Saturday was not looking real great for either activities. El Niño had been visiting Arizona with a vengeance leading up to Friday. All week long the forecasters had been predicting a break in the weather for the week end, and for once they were spot on!  Saturday came with blue skies, puffy clouds and temperatures in the 70s.

We had a total of 29 club cars show up, Michelle & I decided to take my 4×4 Toyota Tundra since we had just received a foot of snow. ADOT was out early and had the roads clear and mostly dry so our trip to the valley was our usual under 3 hour excursion. Ken & Carol DuBois showed up in Ken’s truck since the battery in their ’37 Chevy was kaput. It took Michelle and I around an 1 hr 45 min to shoot the club cars and occupants. Larry Besore helped with keeping the line full so we didn’t have any gaps waiting for cars.

After lunch we had the down hill coasting drag race which Dave & Anne Bennett won in their 1937 Cadillac. To be noted the Caddy was by far and away the heaviest car in the race. I would bet that Dave replaced the wheel bearing with a set of super low friction ceramic bearings just to get an edge! 😉

Just about the time that the race awards were wrapping up a whole group of cosplay folks arrived at the picnic area next to ours. Of course they were all decked out in Star Wars costumes that were hand made and really looked great! The name of the group is the Shonare Vhekadla Clan Arizona of the Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club.  Mike Rust invited them to pose with our cars and they gladly accepted. They are a really great group of people that know how to enjoy themselves!