2016 Run To The Pines

Pinetop, Arizona
September 23 – 25, 2016

By Conrad Monroe

Photos by Jerry Schrunk & Conrad Monroe

Every September up here on the mountain we celebrate the change of season with the annual Fall Festival Artisan and Craft show. For the past 33 years, in conjunction with the Arts & Crafts shows has been the Run To The Pines Car Show.  This show is one of the better car shows in Arizona.  As long as I can remember it is generally sold out by the middle of May. This year was no exception with around 600 cars on the Pine Top Country Club driving range.

For this year’s show we only had Steve & Terri Besore, Larry & Teresa Ways and Michelle and I.  Hopefully, club attendance will pick up again in the future.

The show starts on Friday with registration, followed by the Parade from Show Low up to Hon Dah Casino on the White Mountain Apache reservation. The cars start lining up at the LDS Stake on the corner of Clark Road and the Deuce of Clubs around 3:00 PM. The parade starts at 4:00 PM. As a rule there are several hundred cars on line which ends up being a car show of it’s own.

During the parade the car in front of Larry and Teresa either ran out of gas or had a fuel pump problem. Larry pulled in front of him and attached a tow strap to pull him to a parking lot where they could work on the car. The found the problem and solved it, but when the got ready to leave, Larry’s car would not start, due to ignition problems. AAA was called and the car was hauled back to the hotel. On Saturday, Larry’s son drove up from the Valley with a trailer to haul the car and his parents home.

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Friday Parade to Hon Dah

The weather on Saturday was perfect! We sometimes have had downpours,  hail storms and very hot weather for the car show. This year the monsoon abated and we had blue skies, mid 70 temps and white puffy clouds.

The nice thing about Run To The Pines is that you can always plan on see at least a few new cars, or at least new to me. This year the standout was a 1937 Chevrolet 1 1/2 Ton heavy truck set up as a car hauler with a matching 1937 Chevrolet pickup truck on the back. Both trucks were well built and well detailed. The owner who was from Tucson picked up a total of 4 awards for his effort! Also, new to me, was a beautiful 1934 Packard convertible coupe. What an outstanding car for it’s day.

My apologies to Steve and Terri Besore, somehow I did not a photo of either of them or their truck… they were parked right behind us, and I must have zoned out… sorry guys, will make up for it in Winslow.

  • 2016 RTTP Day 2_001_Conrad Monroe

Saturday Car Show

Sunday was the awards and drawing for the Gas Pump and 50-50. Neither Steve nor I got an award. Steve was in the 1950-1972 Modified Truck class and I was in the 1950-1972 Modified Car class. Both very large with a wide assortment of excellent vehicles. The gas pump was a Shell similar to the one Jerry Elliott won in 2005 or so, we had tickets but no winner. The 50-50 was $1050 and again no joy… Nice day though and I did pick up a few more cars. I like the way the tail lights look in the 1940 Ford Sedan Delivery, will probably do that on my 40.

  • 2016 RTTP Day 3_082_Conrad Monroe

Sunday Awards Day

My good friend and neighbor, Jerry Schrunk was on hand at the parade line up and also at the show on Saturday. I have included some of his images from the weekend.

  • 0010 Early 50s Buick Custom

Jerry’s Take on the Show

Well that about wraps it up for this show. This coming weekend we will be in Winslow for the Still Crusin Car Show.  Looking forward to seeing the new Glenn Frey statue on the corner with Jackson Browne.

Till then… Keep on Keep ON!