Havasu Deuces 2024

Lake Havasu, AZ

March 7 – 9, 2024

Pictures by: Larry Besore

Writeup by: Larry Besore

Our adventure started on Thursday morning bright and early. We (Larry Way and I) were to meet up with some other hot rods in Wickenburg about 730am, 2 more 32 roadsters, one a topless version, a Factory  Five 33, and a very cool 36 roadster, and a 1956 Nomad.

We had our meet up and 6 cars left Mc Donald’s for Havasu. Just out of Wickenburg it started raining, then the Factory Five 33 had a computer problem. Back on the highway it continued to rain, steady but not too hard. The topless roadster pilot didn’t look to comfortable he was soaking up a lot of rain.

Inside my 32 our arms were getting some water but not too bad! So rain most of the way into Parker for our gas stop. At Parker the Sun was out and mostly blue skies.

We thought we were over the rainy weather.

Then between Parker and Havasu the heavens opened up and it “RAINED”, serious rain, couldn’t see the car in front of us, and frogs were looking for shelter. Yeah we got a little wet, the topless pilot was a soggy mess. So it was brief but memorable, then we arrived at the host hotel for registration. All in all, with stops and breakdown, time out to wring out shirts and stuff we were after 1PM by now.

We decided to not go downtown to park as they had been parking cars since before 10AM. We unpacked and went for lunch instead.

Friday morning we started the garage tours about 830AM, GPS gave good directions, but “there are no straight streets in Lake Havasu”! At least not in the areas we visited for the tours.

Uphill, Downhill right Roundy turn, left Roundy turn…Seemed like at times we were circling back on ourselves. All that was forgotten as we visited great, unbelievable garages and car displays. The attached photos do not do justice to the sites. At times I was so engrossed in looking I forgot to take pictures. Every site was filled with great stuff and friendly people. Havasu Deuces set up a super Friday of tours.

Saturday morning early we got inline for entry to the Rotary Park, 32’s go in first then everything else.  No bad parking spots easy entry, easy exit. Again the Havasu Deuces know how to organize stuff. There were an amazing assortment of Deuces from all over the country. As well as a lot of super non-32’s. good food vendor choices and a lot of spectators.

The trip home on Sunday was non eventful, just great cruising time cool but not cold, light traffic.

So my standard tag line… “Ya shoulda been there”