2019 Just Cruis’n Car Show

Winslow, Az

October 4-5, 2019
By Conrad Monroe

Hard to believe that this was the 25th edition of this car show. Over the years it has changed and evolved. It is one of the best shows that we regularly attend. This year Larry & Brenda Besore, Steve & Terri Besore, Steve & Cindy Bryant, Jerry Elliot & friend Julie Ann, Paul & Judy Nolte, Ken Schaff & Dee Giuntoli and Michelle and I. Page Barnes drove up with his daughter in the grocery getter.

The city of Winslow has a fairly large community of drag racers that support the show with their cars and participation.
On Friday afternoon they have a Poker Run which pays through the best 4 hands. $400, 300, 200 and 100.

Friday evening they have a Burn Out Contest which is always well attended. As it turns out Show Low was playing at Winslow and our granddaughter is the captain of the Show Low Varsity Spirit Line. After supper Mimi and I went to the Bulldog’s stadium to surprise her and see our girls perform. Shortly after we were in our seats the smoke from the Burn Out Contest had followed us! Most of the spectators from Show Low had no clue as to what was going on!

The awards were handed out on Saturday afternoon and several club members received recognition for their cars. Steve Besore also won the 50-50 and paid for his trip. In past years the Over The Hill Gang Phoenix club was a huge supporter of the show, This year we only had 7 cars at the show, kind of sad. Times change as do interests…

For the next three months Mimi and I will be involved in a lot of family activities which don’t allow much time for car shows. Hoping we can make a few shows in 2020.

Stay safe and have fun!