2016 Tucson Rodders Days

by Conrad Monroe
April 29-30, 2016

42nd Annual Tucson Rodders Days
4th Ave, Tucson, Arizona
Presented by the Tucson Street Rod Association

We had a large group traveling to Tucson this year. The Thursday group met at the Slab and took the backroads through Florence to Lupe’s in Oracle Junction where Michelle and I met them for lunch. We came down through Winkleman on 77 to avoid the blasting and construction on US60. The group consisted  of Bob Bailey with out Miss Betty,  Dave & Anne Bennett, Larry & Brenda Besore, Charlie & Danise Cover, Jim & Carol Dalton, Ron & Jan Olmstead,  Ken Schaaf & Dee Guintoli, Larry & Theresa Way and Michelle and I. Thursday evening we all went for dinner at the Pinnacle Peak Patio which was set up by Tony & Jeanine Cruze. Unfortunately Tony was not feeling well and he stayed home. I highly recommend the ribs! which were exceptional.

On Friday Page & Linda Barnes, Steve & Cindy Bryant, Paul & Judy Nolte, Larry & Sandie Wiebeto and club friends Manfred & Connie Wagner and Greg Selvidge & Sherry Hoffler drove down and met us at the hotel.

On Friday, the Thursday group went on the cruise up to Mt Lemon for the annual Burger Burn. The weather was sunny but cool so most of the group was bundled up and sitting in their cars… just sayin…

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  • 2016 Run to Mount Lemon - 001 - Conrad Monroe

Mt Lemon Burger Burn

On Friday evening there was a dinner and auction which Michelle and I did not attend. We met some of our off road racing friends for dinner, so I do not have much to report…

This year we were back on 4th Ave, which IMO is one of the better car show venues. The shops are quite eclectic and provide something for the participants that want to do more than sit behind their ride, with a duster in their hand. The show was moved to the U of A Mall for a couple of years while the light rail train tracks were being laid. Sad to say the old street cars have been replaced by new high tech trains.  For some reason they had a SUV leading the way for the train all day, I guess the idea was that it would prevent distracted walkers from getting ran over.

  • 2016 4th Ave Car Show - OTHG - 046 - Conrad Monroe

The Over the Hill Gang Phoenix at the Show


  • 2016 4th Ave Car Show - 072 - Conrad Monroe

Everybody Else at the Show

The weather was typical for a show at this time of the year, mostly nice all day, then a bit of a rain shower in mid afternoon to provide just enough water to create water spots.  The Awards were given out at the Saturday Night Dinner, which was a good change.

The club received the award for best represented car club.  Dave & Anne Bennett, Steve & Cindy Bryant, Larry & Teresa Way,  and Manfred & Connie Wagner all received awards.

All in all another very well organized and run show.  Our thanks to the Tucson Street Rod Association for all of the planning and hard work that it takes to put a show of this caliber on.

Bis Später…

2015 Goodguys Southwest Nationals

West World in Scottsdale Arizona

November 22-24, 2015

by Conrad Monroe

2015 GG SW NAT Pano

The 18th edition of the Goodguys Southwest Nationals at Westworld in Scottsdale is officially in the books. We had a record turnout of entries, vendors and swap meet participants this year.  My seat of the pants estimates for Saturday would be around 33-3400 cars, maybe a few more than last year. The layout this year allowed for more cars and space and so we did not have the Fire Marshal shutting down the entrance because the fire lanes were blocked like last year. The weather was absolutely beautiful for the entire weekend, clear blue skies and temps in the low 80s, frankly it was a Arizona Chamber of Commerce weekend.

Unfortunately this year I was not able to make the Thursday Shop Tours, so please excuse the lack of coverage.

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Friday –

  • 2015 GG SW Nat_000

Friday is typically my day for the Swap Meet and visiting the Vendors both of which seemed to be larger than I can ever remember in the past.  The Car Corral was huge this year with some really decent buys to be had.  Paul Nolte sold the ’34 Ford three window project car by 10 AM on Saturday which is good because he had bought back the ’29 Rat Rod that he had sold last March.

  • 2015 GG SW Nat_026

The swap meet was also packed with sellers and buyers, I didn’t run across anything that I had to have so I went into the tent and bought a pair of stock height spindles from Fatman and a March Performance serpentine belt drive system for the LS3 in my 1940 project. Both had nice discounted show prices.

  • 2015 GG SW Nat_045

Saturday –

  • 2015 GG SW Nat_067

I didn’t make my usual two passes around the field this year.  I kept bumping into to people that I haven’t seen in awhile so I spent a lot of time chatting and getting caught up to date.

  • 2015 GG SW Nat_095

Speciality Parking

  • 2015 GG SW Nat_149

On the Field

This year I headed up to the gate for the goodbye waving car parade and was able to stand on the back seat of Larry Besore’s golf cart which made a great shooting platform with a different perspective than what I have had in the past.

  • 2015 GG SW Nat_177

  • 2015 GG SW Nat_277

  • 2015 GG SW Nat_377


Sunday –

  • 2015 GG SW Nat_423

Another beautiful day in sunny Scottsdale!  Michelle and I had planned to leave after the group photo of the club was taken at 1:00 PM so we would miss the award presentations, but I went around and photographed all of the winners.

2015 GG SW Nat_453

I was very happy to see that Rick and Debbie Aronson’s 1940 Ford Pick Up picked up the award for Best Truck!

  • 2015 GG SW Nat_435

The Winners!

Well that about wraps it up for this time!

Next up will be the annual Christmas Party on the 5th of December, followed by the club picnic and photo shoot on the 9th of January!  I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season and that y’all stay safe!

Bis Später

2015 Fall Finale Fun Run and Car Show

Western Drug
Springerville, Arizona

October 10, 2015

By Conrad Monroe
On the road photos by Michelle Monroe

Michelle and I had a little change of pace today we drove up to Springerville this morning to participate in the Fun Run that had been put together to raise money for cancer treatment at the new Summit Cancer Center in Show Low. The fun run and show were free but a $25 donation was encouraged. Somewhere around 25 to 30 cars showed up. Between donations, several raffles and other activities they were able to raise $2500 for the cause which is pretty darn good for a small rural town.

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  • 2015 Fall Finale Fun Run and Car Show - 001

Fall Finale Fun Run and Car Show

The Fun Run started at Western Drug in Springerville and proceeded down Main St to AZ 260 which we followed to AZ 273, the road to Big Lake. At Big Lake we picked up RT 249 which was paved a little over one year ago. This is a beautiful winding forest road that ranges from 8500 to 9500 ft in elevation. RT 249 ends up on US 180. You can turn right and drive a couple of miles to Alpine for lunch at Bear Wallow, or you can turn left and head up to Nutrioso and back to Springerville.

Great weather, wonderful scenery and a nice bit of fall color.  All in all, we had a great day and told the folks that put it together that we would be back next year for sure… maybe y’all would like to join us!


2015 Just Cruis’n Car Show

Winslow Arizona

October 2-3, 2015

By Conrad Monroe

It’s October and that means it is time to make the trek to Winslow for the 21st Just Cruis’n Car Show.  Personally, this is one of my favorite shows because it is held on the streets of downtown Winslow on old Route 66. The Just Cruis’n Car Club of Winslow puts on the show every year and it seems to just get better every year. The show used to be held at the La Posada Hotel at the east end of town. A few years ago the venue moved to the downtown area which I think is a great improvement.

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  • 2015 Just Cruzin Winslow - 001

Standing On A Corner in Winslow AZ

This year we had 14 OTHG-Phoenix cars at the show. Coming up from the valley we had Tom & Val Altgilbers, Page & Linda Barnes, Dave & Anne Bennent, Dave Bertram, Steve & Terri Besore, Steve & Cindy Bryant, Ken Schaaf & Dee Guintoli, Darrel & Becky Hampton, Alan & Cheryl Mitchell, Paul & Judy Nolte, Ron & Jan Olmstead, Bob & Patty Sarraillon. Barney Wilkins drove over from Parks and Michelle and I drove over from Show Low on I40 battling 40-60 mph wind gusts.

At the awards program Dave Bertram, Steve Bryant, Steve Besore, Alan Mitchell and Ron Olmstead made the walk across the grass to pick up awards. Cindy Bryant and Cheryl Mitchell went up to handout the club pick award, but the recipient had already left the show.

Yet another great show in Winslow in the books.

2015 Run to The Pines

Pinetop Arizona

September 25-27, 2015

By Conrad Monroe
Photos Courtesy of Jerry Schrunk

Thanks again to my good friend Jerry Schrunk for providing photo coverage of this year’s Run To The Pines.  This car show sells out very quickly soon after the entries are mailed out or put up on line which is around the beginning of May.  Unfortunately this year we had not finalized our fall trip when it was time to send in the entry, so we decided to skip the show this year. But, we took the ’39 out and did the Friday night parade which was huge this year. The parade route was lined with spectators from where we started all the way up to the Casino. The weather this year was spectacular and everyone who attended the show had a great time.

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  • 0010 Cars collecting RTTP Parade 2015

Run To The Pines Parade Staging

  • 0010 Yellow and White 55 Nomad

Run To The Pines Car Show

Next up; The Just Cruis’n Car Show in Winslow.

Till then stay safe!


2015 Cruz’n The Rim

June 5-6, 2015

by Conrad Monroe

  • 001 - 2015 Cruzn The Rim - Conrad Monroe

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At the Show in Show Low, AZ!

 After a fairly dry winter we are now getting rain, in June, and it never, ever rains in June… go figure! We had a fairly  large storm on Friday afternoon and evening, and although it looked like we were going to be rained out on Saturday, it blew through and we had a lovely afternoon with typical deep blue skies, white puffy clouds and not a lot of wind.

Making the trek up from the valley for this years show was Bob & Betty Bailey, Dave & Anne Bennett, Larry & Brenda Besore, Charlie & Danise Cover. Steve Besore was already up at his home east of Show Low, and Frank & Rose Svancara drove over from their cabin in Greer, and of course Michelle & I were already here. Not a bad showing for the club.

The Cruz’n the Rim Car Show is hosted by the Rim Country Cruisers who are based in the White Mountains. The proceeds from this year’s show will be given to the Salvation Army. The Salvation Army is one of the most efficient charities returning almost all of the money donated back to the most needy folks in our community. I believe that I had heard that there were around 150 cars entered this year, so after a near death experience a few years ago it has come back better than ever.  Rick Fernau and the Rim Country Cruisers did one heck of a job organizing and putting the show on, I cant think of any problems or issues. Good Job!

One of the lessons learned with small shows like this, it is very near impossible to have any kind of meaning full “class” structure for judging, so they basically did away with it and had the public vote on the cars that they liked, and the participants voted on the cars that they liked. An award was given to the highest and second highest public vote getters. They then handed out the Top Twenty Awards based upon participants votes.

The club did well in the Top Twenty with Steve Besore, Larry Besore, Bob Bailey and I on the receiving end. In addition to the Top Twenty they handed out Trophies for Best MOPAR, Best GM, Best Ford, Best Convertible, Best Import, Best Paint and Best Interior, there was another trophy given out, but my old man memory doesn’t remember what it was for. Also they had a Mayor’s Pick, which Dave Bennett won for the second time! Charlie presented our “We Dig Your Ride” award – made by Alan Mitchell, but again memory fails as to which car received it… Gonna have to start hauling a tape recorder with me. Sigh! The highest vote getter in the Participant’s voting also received a major Trophy. I am proud to say that Michelle and I received the Best Interior Award, it is pretty large and takes up a fair amount of floor space so I may just haul it down to the Dreaded Valley and present it to Lui Contreras who did the work! BTW: this is the second Best Interior award that Bettie has won – props to Lui for his great work!

Monroe_20150608_142410_OrigThe Rim Country Cruisers took the illustrated design art work that I had done for the tee shirt and posters to a local artist who rendered it in oil on canvas which he donated to the silent auction with the proceeds going to the Salvation Army.  The OTHG – Phoenix club members plus Rick Fernau bid on and won the auction, and then turned around an presented it to me. I will always treasure this gift from our friends… Michelle and I cannot thank you enough!

Michelle went all out again and put on another one of her Show Low Days patio parties, I of course was too busy talking to take any photos, so you will have to use your imagination! We had a nice turn out of 50-60 car lovers and the best part was that there were only a few small leftovers, so my diet can stay intact.

Until Next Time!
Stay Safe Out There!