2017 Bee Line Cruise In

Mazatzal Hotel & Casino Payson, AZ

May 13, 2017
by Conrad Monroe

Steve & Terri Besore joined Michelle and I for the run down the Rim from Show Low to Payson, AZ where we met up with Larry & Brenda Besore and former club members Jeff & Vicky Bacon and Frank & Rose Svancara. Also in attendance was Paul & Judy Nolte who were up in Pine working on their cabin, they came down to join us for lunch.

The weather could not have been too much better! Mid 80s, sunny skies and light breezes to help keep the temperatures down in the Casino parking lot.

Saw a number of old friends that we had not seen for a while and met a number of new folks that were very interested in all of the cars. Frank & Rose and Michelle and I won Top 20 Awards chosen by peer voting. The Best 49 and later MOPAR was won by a beautiful 1964 Plymouth with a 426 Hemi. Also of note was the 1956 Ford Victoria Hardtop with a 427 cuin SOHC sporting Hilborn EFI. All in all a very nice group of cars in the field of about 200.

Next up for Michelle and I will be the usual round of White Mountain car shows, Blast from the Past in Alpine on May 27, Cruizn The Rim in Show Low on the 3rd of June, Holbrook on the 10th of June. Round out our summer will be the Big Bear Fun Run in Big Bear, CA on the 9th -13th of August.

Everyone have a safe and fun summer!


 Beeline Cruise In – 2017

2017 Tucson Dragway Reunion

Tucson, Arizona

May 5-6, 2017
by Conrad Monroe

Photos and information from Alan Mitchell.

Last weekend while Michelle and I were driving around the state, Alan & Cheryl Mitchell and Charlie & Danise Cover were down in Tuscon driving a quarter of a mile at a time at the Tucson Dragway Reunion.

Alan brought down his 1939 Chevy Gasser Coupe, Blown BBC sporting a new Turbo 400. Charlie had his 1937 Ford Street Rod, powered by an injected LS3/4L65E Plug & Cruise package from Chevrolet Performance.

  • Tucson2017

Alan & Charlie at the Track

In Alan’s own words…
“Charlie ran test & tune and turned a best of a 12.3 or 12.8 (I think) .  He made 4 or 5 passes trying various techniques at burnouts and shifting.  By the way the Speed Sport guys were all over his car.  They totally loved his car as well as every female that walked by.  As Charlie said, he did not realize he built a “chick magnet”.

As for us, after all the changes we ran a best of 10.8.  Not what I expected but all the new parts worked good.  Was entered into the eliminations, but being the rule follower I am, I had installed an engine diaper which held in a lot of block temp and thus heat-soaked the starter when we were in staging getting ready to run, so had to withdraw.  So will get rid of the diaper, and install another battery.  The driver did “ok” with the new parts, have a few little bugs to work out but nothing big.

Weather was terrible with winds in the 20mph range, no track prep and lots of dust so track was greasy.  All in all good times, nothing broke on either car and all was safe.  Looking forward to our next event, don’t know where yet.  Maybe next year we can get a few more cars out to Tucson for T&T.  Tech was pretty easy so with just a few checks we should be able to get more cars on the track.”


I was quite happy to see the kind of times that Charlie was turning. I have the same drivetrain in my 1940 Ford Convertible build. Looks like it will be a pretty fun street machine… 😎

I would like to thank Alan for sending me the photos and his write up. The club has been doing a lot of very neat things lately which Michelle and I have not attended due to our living 180 miles away. It would be great if more members would send me their photos and some notes on the activity that they attended.

Michelle and I will be in Payson this Saturday for the car show. We are not entered, just coming down for the day to see our friends…

Until the next time… Keep On Keeping On… !

2017 Route 66 Fun Run

Seligman AZ to Topock on Rt 66

May 5 – 7, 2017
by Conrad Monroe

One of the more fun car things that you can do in Arizona is to participate in the annual Route 66 Fun Run from  Seligman to Topock Arizona following one of the longer remaining stretches of Route 66. This was the third time that Michelle and I made the run, and this was one of the best ones yet. As I recall the total entries numbered close to 900, which did not take into account all of the folks that made the run without signing up.  There were several large Corvette and Mustang clubs in attendance including a group of 24 Mustangs driven by French citizens from Paris. A large number of Germans were aboard a variety of Harley Davidsons. The event has become quite popular with both the Australians and New Zealanders as well.

This year Michelle and I traveled the Mother Road with a group of friends from Show Low. We all met at the Mustang Gas Station on the corner of Rt 60 & 77. Making the trip with us was John & Jan Corder in their red Mustang Coupe, James & Sharon Johnston in their Chevy SUV, Ed Turner in his 1956 Chevy Wagon, Tom and Connie Kakavas in their white Corvette Coupe, Dave and Lydia Larson in their black Mustang Convertible, Jim Morse in his white Thunderbird, Bob & Linda Shultz, in their Dodge Ram Diesel Pick Up, Paul Edwards & Lynn Felton in Paul’s yellow Cadillac Hard Top, Sylvia Carruthers in her Honda Coupe and Dan Goude in his Nova. Terry & Sheila Ringey in their orange Boss Mustang Coupe, met us at the Cracker Barrell in Flagstaff.

Michelle and I were leading the group on the 1st leg of the drive. We were about a mile up Rt77 from the gas station when all of a sudden a very large cloud of dirt swept over the road in front of us. When the dust settled we saw that a very large cement mixer that been heading south on the highway had for some reason swerved on to the shoulder then proceeded to roll over and skid around so that when it came to rest it was headed north and was lying on it’s side. Fortunately the driver’s side was still in fair shape. By the time that I got to the truck, a couple of gentlemen had gotten the door open and had helped the driver to his feet. He had a pretty good scrape on his forehead but was otherwise in decent shape. Soon after Show Low PD arrived on the scene as did the paramedics. Of course during all of this, my camera remained on the back seat and my iPhone was in its cradle… sigh. Here is a link to the article from the White Mountain Independent.


Thankfully no further excitement was to be had on the rest of the trip!

After lunch at the Cracker Barrel we drove into Williams were we spent the night. After registering at the hotel we walked up to Main Street i.e. Route 66 and had a great time visiting the shops and seeing the sights.

  • IMG_2769

Williams AZ

The weather had been great on Friday and it continued being nice throughout Saturday. After breakfast we loaded up and drove down I40 to Seligman where we joined all of the rest of the participants. We had about 1 1/2 hrs to spend before we took off at 10:00 AM for Hackberry. We had lunch at the General Store where we ran into Tom & Val Altgilber. Tom & Val have been regular participants of the Fun Run for a number of years, they were driving the Suburban and were having a good time!  While walking around taking pictures I noticed that the 1957 Corvette that had been a fixture at the General Store for years was gone. Somebody finally made the owner an offer he could not refuse! Kind of sad to see it gone…

  • Monroe_20170506_082803_Orig

Seligman – Hackberry – Kingman

After a rather good Pulled Pork Sandwich we continued down Route 66 to Kingman, AZ. After checking in to the hotel, Michelle and I went to the car show that was set up in the downtown area. We were the only ones that had preregistered for the Fun Run and by the time that we got to Seligman they had sold out and were not taking anymore entries, so it was only us doing the Show & Shine. We had a lot of interest in the wagon from a number of spectators and entrants. It is really a lot of fun, owning a fairly rare car that is not often seen. Lots of questions and comments!

  • 2004 Show Low Days_170507_082838_

Kingman – Oatman – Topock

Unfortunately, over night a cold front blew in and we awoke to cloudy, overcast skies and gusty winds… oh well. We had a nice drive down to Oatman were we spent time window shopping and sightseeing. The Donkeys are still an integral part of life in Oatman, which made Michelle happy… After Oatman, we headed down to Topock to look at the awards hoopla and the rest of the crew headed off to Laughlin NV for some Casino fun.
The Award Ceremony was held inside the Golden Shores Rec Center so we could get out of the chilly wind for awhile. I was very surprised to see the number of winners that were no shows… I am guessing here but I think almost 1/3 of the awards went unclaimed.

All in all a very fun relaxing trip, mainly due to the great group of folks that we were with. Lots of laughing and storytelling! What’s not to love.

Until next time! Stay safe and keep it on it’s wheels… don’t be that cement truck driver guy… 😎


2017 Chrome in the Dome

Springerville – Eagar, AZ

April 29, 2017

by Conrad Monroe

Last Saturday, the Show Low contingent of the OTHG Phoenix Steve & Terri Besore and Michelle and I braved the snowy and icy US60 hwy to headed over to Springerville/Eagar Round Valley High School. Our goal was to attend the Chrome in the Dome Car Show that is held for to raise money for local charities. Over the past few years the show had gone somewhat downhill with declining attendance. This year the management of the show was taken on by an experienced car show guy, Mike Campbell, and the results were greatly improved! Entries were right at 90 cars & trucks this year which is almost double the past few years turn out. I am very sure that the entries in coming years will grow from here.

  • 2017 Chrome in the Dome - 001 -

The show management decided to keep the class structure rather simple with only 11 classes, which allowed them to offer some really special trophies that were made by the High School shop class.

I have to say, being at an indoor venue at this time of the year has a lot going for it! Up until Saturday we had been having beautiful spring weather with temperatures running in the high 60’s to low 70’s. The weather turned on Friday evening and by Saturday morning the south end of Apache county was covered with up to 4-5 inches of snow. By noon it had mostly melted and by 1:45PM it began snowing again… By the time the show was over at around 3:00PM it was dry and clear in Apache county, but snowing in Navajo county. By suppertime, all the bad weather moved out of Arizona… as we like to say, “Dont like the weather? Wait an hour and it will change!”

Both Steve and I ended up in two of the larger classes. Mine was Custom & Modified Cars from 1942 to 1964. Steve was in the Custom & Modified Trucks 1959 and Earlier. Michelle picked up a Second Place Award for our 1956 Dodge and Steve made the walk for a 1st Place with his 1950 Chevy Pick Up.

Michelle and I were very pleased to pick up the Award for Best Interior. The Award was made from a pinion gear with a broken bearing, which I think was quite apropo since the pinion bearing is the only bearing in the rear axle assembly that I have not had to replace. No more Chinese bearings for me…!!!

As a special treat we met Larry Besore’s son Ron, and his lovely wife Sherry. They were on their way back to Phoenix from Colorado and heard that Steve and Terri were at the show so they stopped by for a visit. They joined us for an early dinner in Show Low.

Mike Campbell should be applauded for the great effort that he put into getting this event back on it’s feet! We for sure will be coming back next year…

Till the next time…


2017 Goodguys Spring Nationals

by Conrad Monroe

Westworld in Scottsdale, AZ

March 9 – 12, 2017

According to the Goodguys staff we had around 2500 cars at this year’s spring show. The weather was clear, sunny and warm with temps in the mid to high 80s. Actually on Saturday it may have been over 90° F. by 4:30 PM the field had pretty well left for cooler territory.

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  • 2017 GG SN - Day 1 - Shop Tours - 001 - Conrad Monroe

Thursday – Shop Tours

Very large turnout for the shop tour this year, I am guessing we had around 200 cars or more leave the Registration Tent for the tour. Unfortunately we only had 4 shops on the tour, the other 4 shops that had been lined up, canceled at the last minute.

The 1st stop on the tour was to Speed Sports in Gilbert. Mark Clark and his crew offer a broad scope of service including EFI & Turbo systems and Chassis Dyno Tuning for optimum performance. Unfortunately I was not able to get a lot of photos due to the large number of tour members in the shop.  One of the better speed shops in the valley in my opinion.

We next headed over to Squeeg’s Kustoms in Chandler.  It is always fun to visit Squeeg’s shop, they always have several interesting projects in work. I was especially impressed with the 1963 Corvette with a tube chassis and LS engine & transmission. It would be a joy to own and drive when it is completed! For the 1st time ever I saw an LS powered off road buggy in the shop getting a custom aluminum interior. King shocks all around and a Mendeola transaxle with 20+ inches of wheel travel… another I would love to own!

We skipped the 3rd stop since it was basically a car dealer, and headed up to Fountain Hills to Mods for Rods. Pretty impressive shop with a number of cars being worked on. From what I saw it looks like they do some quality work. This was the lunch stop and the end of this year’s tour.


  • 2017 GG SN - Day 2 - Swap Meet - 039 - Conrad Monroe

Friday – Swap Meet and Vendors

This year’s swap meet and car corral was one of the largest that we have had. Nice selection of parts, memorabilia and cars to look over and buy. One of the big hits this year was the Bob’s Big Boy statues in either bronze or fiberglass. One of my friends from Show Low bought one of the smaller 4-5′ bronze versions and asked me if I could haul it back up the mountain for him.  I was hoping that I could stand him up in the back of the wagon, but he was too tall. It would have been very cool to have him looking out the back window. As it was he laid down and took a nap while we drove home.  Paul & Judy Nolte bought one of the bronze one as well…

It seemed like there were less vendors in the tent this year but more down on the field.

I watched the autocross for a bit thinking that it would be fun to build a car for it, but then I went into the tent and had a cold beer and the feeling went away!

  • 2017 GG SN - Day 3 - Car Show - 075 - Conrad Monroe

Saturday – Car Show

I usually spend Saturday walking the grass and taking photos of all of the wide variety of cars that Goodguys draws. This year I had to stick around the wagon. My daughter and son in law were coming to the show and also my newly found Grandnephew who I had not met in person yet. I wasn’t sure when everybody was going to show up, so I spent a good deal of time in the Specialty Parking Area photographing some pretty nicely done cars in the Home Built Heaven section.



  • 2017 GG SN - Day 4 - Awards 1 - 129 - Conrad Monroe

Sunday – Awards Part One

  • 2017 GG SN - Day 4 - Awards 2 - 176 - Conrad Monroe

Sunday – Awards Part Two

The Sunday Awards were special this year in that Terry & Barb Scott won the Trick Truck award for their Chevy Pickup and Mike Combest picked up an award for this blown Chrysler powered Model A coupe. All in all this year we were treated to a great selection of cars in the winners circle!

After the awards Michelle, Big Boy Bob and I headed up the mountain for home, with a late lunch, early dinner stop at our favorite restaurant in Payson, Mackey’s Grill for a cold beer and pattie melt with sweet potato fries.

Early spring evening in Payson AZ outside of Mackey’s Grill

Another Goodguys in the books, next stop for Michelle and I will be ViVa Las Vegas Rockabilly Car Show in Las Vegas… it should be very interesting! We attended a similar show in Austin Texas last year and had a great time. What is not to love, traditional hotrods and customs and Pinups… doesn’t get much better.

Till the next time, stay safe and Keep On Keeping On!


2016 Goodguys South West Nationals

by Conrad Monroe

Westworld in Scottsdale AZ

In camera panorama made by the IPhone 7 Plus – nice little feature.

November 17 – 20, 2016

Another great Goodguys show is in the books. This year’s fall show was one of the larger ones with around 3000 cars on the fields at Westworld in Scottsdale.  Lucky for me, Michelle and I had just recently purchased new IPhones which provided me a back up camera. I packed my camera bag with my standard complement of Nikkor lenses into the back of the wagon, but left my Nikon DSLR on the front seat of my pickup, which I had parked in the shop… All in all my IPhone 7 Plus did more than a credible job of documenting some of the activities during the run of the show.

Thursday was registration and the shop tours. I did not get an exact count but I am guessing that we had a good 300 plus cars on this years tour.  We left toward the end and hit the Baer Brakes, Martin Classic Car Museum and the Hot Rod Interior stops. Baer proves that high quality products can be manufactured in the USA at a competitive price.  Hot Rod Interiors does some really high quality interior design and fabrication. They had several great examples of their work on display, I especially loved the 1939 Lincoln Zephyr!

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  • 2016 Goodguys SW_001 Monroe

Registration and Baer Brakes

We generally spend Friday visiting the Swap Meet and Vendor tent.  This year the Swap Meet & Car Corral were perhaps the largest in my memory. It ran the entire length of the south side of the field.

  • 2016 Goodguys SW_094 Monroe

The Swap Meet and Vendor Tent

Saturday was spent walking the field and finding vehicles that struck my fancy, and to be honest there were quite a few that put a smile on my face.

To start with we parked in Home Built heaven and we were placed right next to 1968 Mercury 4 door wagon. The owners were great to talk with, he built the car in his home shop and was faced with many of the same issues that I had to deal with, namely finding parts for something other than a tri-five Chevy or a prewar Ford.  He also made the same choice as I did and went with a 2005 fuel injected computer controlled engine. Instead of a Dodge he used a 4.6 L Ford with a computer controlled transmission.  This year they have put over 14K miles on the wagon… my kind of folks.

Another car that caught my eye was Dan Burdett’s 1930 5 window Model A coupe with a period correct hot rodded 4 banger engine. The quality of Dan’s work is phenomenal attention to detail after detail. When you have some time, take a close look at this car, well worth the time.

  • 2016 Goodguys SW_148 Monroe

  • 2016 Goodguys SW_246 Monroe

Saturday Car Show

Sunday is the awards day, however this year the weather on Sunday was turning sour as the morning progressed. After taking a series of photos of a really nice Dodge and Dan’s Model A Ford, Michelle and I decided that discretion was the better part of valor, and we headed home staying ahead of the storm.

  • 2016 Goodguys SW_312 Monroe

A Few Parting Shots…

Next up the Over The Hill Gang – Phoenix annual Christmas Party! See you all there!

2016 Just Crusin Car Show

Winslow, Arizona

September 30 – October 1, 2016
By Conrad Monroe

Once again we headed to Winslow, Az for the 22nd Just Cruis’n Car Show, hosted by the Just Cruis’n Car Club. I believe that they had a record turnout for this year’s show with 194 entries, in spite of the poor turn out of our club. We only had 5 cars registered this year, it has been a long time since we had that small of a showing in the 22 yrs we have been supporting this show.

Those of us who made the trip were Tom & Val Altgilbers, Page & Linda Barnes, Steve & Terri Besore, Steve & Cindy Bryant and Michelle & I. The Barnes & Bryants drove up on Friday via Payson.  Steve & Terri and Michelle & I made the trip down I40 from Show Low.

Tom & Val drove up I17 to I40 which proved to be fateful.  Just outside of Winona they ran into a major storm cell, with heavy rain, little visibility and high winds. Their truck hydroplaned and did a 180 and slammed the guard rail several times, as luck would have it there was a Highway Patrol officer behind them who put on his lights which prevented major pileup. Thankfully, both Tom & Val were not hurt, their beautiful truck suffered major damage which hopefully can be repaired.


Former club members, Manfred & Connie Wagner brought their pair of 1939 Chevys which were a solid hit with everyone. Brent & Sharon Haines drove Connie’s sedan. Manfred had the coupe in his enclosed trailer which he was towing with his diesel pickup. They had stopped for lunch in Payson. When they went to leave, the truck would not start, the fuel filter had collapsed and cut off the fuel supply. After some running around, they were able find a filter and get back on the road again.

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  • 2016 Still Crusin_001_Conrad Monroe

We did the Poker Run Friday afternoon and I think we had the backend of the storm that hit Tom & Val. Everyone took the rain in stride, and the run was completed. Steve & Terri Besore got the 2nd best hand with two pair, Kings over Queens which was good for $300. Of course we had our typical nothing hand, a lousy pair of 8’s.

The show on Saturday, was great.  The weather was fine, clear and bright, with some clouds. There were several new cars to look at and photograph this year. Parked next to us was a 1966 Dodge Dart rear engined Funny Car. It is a very accurate reproduction of the Lil Ole Whine Marker that was campaigned in the mid 60s. The original car was built in Phoenix and ran out of Bee Line Dragway.  I remember seeing the car run at Lions and Irwindale. It hooked up quite well and was very competitive, it was great to hear it run again!

Also catching my eye, was a 1940 Ford Deluxe convertible which was done in a somewhat 1950s style custom. It gave me a few new ideas to incorporate into my build.


The award for Best of Class 1936-48 Street Rod Coupe was given in honor of OTHG-Phoenix member Bradley Harrelson who unfortunately passed away earlier this year. Brad was well loved by the Just Cruis’n Car Club. In the past 22 years Brad only missed one show, last year’s when he was in hospital dealing with gallstone surgery. Brad was instrumental in getting the Over The Hill Gang Phoenix involved and supporting the show. This was a very touching and considerate thing to do on the part of the Just Cruis’n Car Club. It was very fitting that Manfred Wagner received this award. Manfred and Brad were old friends long before they relocated to Phoenix and Brad loved Manfred’s beautiful 1939 Chevy Coupe.

Steve Besore picked up a Best in Class and one of the three club pick custom trophies. Page Barnes, Steve Bryant and I all won class awards. Manfred and Connie, as usual ran the table, each picked up a Best in Class, Manfred got Best Interior and Connie got Best of Show.

Another great Winslow show now in the books, each year it gets better. Already looking forward to next year!

Next stop, Goodguys at Westworld! Hoping to see everyone there!


2016 Run To The Pines

Pinetop, Arizona
September 23 – 25, 2016

By Conrad Monroe

Photos by Jerry Schrunk & Conrad Monroe

Every September up here on the mountain we celebrate the change of season with the annual Fall Festival Artisan and Craft show. For the past 33 years, in conjunction with the Arts & Crafts shows has been the Run To The Pines Car Show.  This show is one of the better car shows in Arizona.  As long as I can remember it is generally sold out by the middle of May. This year was no exception with around 600 cars on the Pine Top Country Club driving range.

For this year’s show we only had Steve & Terri Besore, Larry & Teresa Ways and Michelle and I.  Hopefully, club attendance will pick up again in the future.

The show starts on Friday with registration, followed by the Parade from Show Low up to Hon Dah Casino on the White Mountain Apache reservation. The cars start lining up at the LDS Stake on the corner of Clark Road and the Deuce of Clubs around 3:00 PM. The parade starts at 4:00 PM. As a rule there are several hundred cars on line which ends up being a car show of it’s own.

During the parade the car in front of Larry and Teresa either ran out of gas or had a fuel pump problem. Larry pulled in front of him and attached a tow strap to pull him to a parking lot where they could work on the car. The found the problem and solved it, but when the got ready to leave, Larry’s car would not start, due to ignition problems. AAA was called and the car was hauled back to the hotel. On Saturday, Larry’s son drove up from the Valley with a trailer to haul the car and his parents home.

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  • 2016 RTTP Day 1_001_Conrad Monroe

Friday Parade to Hon Dah

The weather on Saturday was perfect! We sometimes have had downpours,  hail storms and very hot weather for the car show. This year the monsoon abated and we had blue skies, mid 70 temps and white puffy clouds.

The nice thing about Run To The Pines is that you can always plan on see at least a few new cars, or at least new to me. This year the standout was a 1937 Chevrolet 1 1/2 Ton heavy truck set up as a car hauler with a matching 1937 Chevrolet pickup truck on the back. Both trucks were well built and well detailed. The owner who was from Tucson picked up a total of 4 awards for his effort! Also, new to me, was a beautiful 1934 Packard convertible coupe. What an outstanding car for it’s day.

My apologies to Steve and Terri Besore, somehow I did not a photo of either of them or their truck… they were parked right behind us, and I must have zoned out… sorry guys, will make up for it in Winslow.

  • 2016 RTTP Day 2_001_Conrad Monroe

Saturday Car Show

Sunday was the awards and drawing for the Gas Pump and 50-50. Neither Steve nor I got an award. Steve was in the 1950-1972 Modified Truck class and I was in the 1950-1972 Modified Car class. Both very large with a wide assortment of excellent vehicles. The gas pump was a Shell similar to the one Jerry Elliott won in 2005 or so, we had tickets but no winner. The 50-50 was $1050 and again no joy… Nice day though and I did pick up a few more cars. I like the way the tail lights look in the 1940 Ford Sedan Delivery, will probably do that on my 40.

  • 2016 RTTP Day 3_082_Conrad Monroe

Sunday Awards Day

My good friend and neighbor, Jerry Schrunk was on hand at the parade line up and also at the show on Saturday. I have included some of his images from the weekend.

  • 0010 Early 50s Buick Custom

Jerry’s Take on the Show

Well that about wraps it up for this show. This coming weekend we will be in Winslow for the Still Crusin Car Show.  Looking forward to seeing the new Glenn Frey statue on the corner with Jackson Browne.

Till then… Keep on Keep ON!

2016 Cruz’n The Rim Car Show

Frontier Field
Show Low, Arizona

June 4th, 2016
by Conrad Monroe
Photo Coverage Thanks to Jerry Schrunk

Michelle and I were not able to attend this year’s car show, we were down in that valley attending the memorial for Ralph Aufrance, Judy Nolte’s dad. The service was really well done and it paid homage to a life well lead by a kind and gentle man that we had the pleasure of knowing for 30 years.

The only club members making the show this year were Frank & Rose Svancara in their 1940 Ford Convertible.

My thanks to my long time friend and neighbor Jerry Schrunk for going to the show and doing a great job of capturing some of the cars and activities.

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  • 0010 Show Low Days Cruise 2016

Still Cruz’n in Show Low

The weather was great for the show. Temps in the high 80s clear skies and moderate winds.  Nice turnout of cars!

Next on the agenda for Michelle and I, will be the cruise the the Gang up to Gunnison, CO for a car show followed by some sightseeing and a ride on the Durango to Silverton train. Hope everyone is having a great summer!


2016 Route 666 Blast From The Past

Alpine Arizona

May 28, 2016

by Conrad Monroe

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  • 2016 Rt 666 Blast From The Past - 001 - Conrad Monroe

8th Annual Car Show

Steve & Terri Besore in their 1950 Chevy Pickup joined Michelle and I in our 1939 Ford Sedan for the drive over to Alpine for the Blast From The Past Car Show. The weather was great mid 70s in the morning warming up to 82 in the afternoon. This year is the 8th time that they have put the show on and they had probably the best turnout ever. I am guessing about 100 cars made the at least one hour plus drive to a town at 8500′ out in the middle of absolutely nowhere.

Some really nice cars showed this year. Steve Wing had his new 1955 Chevy gasser out. He built it for the Drag and Drive series his 1st time out was at the recent Tucson Nostalgia Drags. Car looks great! Also there was a 1955 I think Mack Semi Tractor that I would love to own.

The show is very well organized and really a lot of fun.  Both Steve and I won runner up trophies, which are always unique at this show. This year they were small gumball machines with the show info placed on them…

Several of our friends from the White Mountain Cruisers won a number of the trophies as well.  We enjoyed a nice drive back to Show Low with Steve & Terri.  It’s nice to have club friends living up here now!

Till next time!