2017 Goodguys Southwest Nationals

West World, Scottsdale, Az

By Conrad Monroe

Photos by Danise Clover & Conrad Monroe

This year’s Goodguys Show at West World in Scottsdale marks a major milestone for the club. After almost 20 years of hosting the show which has grown each year, and picking up a spring show a few years ago, the club voted that enough was enough and that it was was time to move on. In honor of our service the Goodguys organization gave club members free admission and preferred parking for the event. By all measures this was a huge event. The field was full by 10 AM on Saturday, the Swap Meet was sold out by noon on Friday and the Vendor Semitruck parking area was filled as well. Dan Burnett garnered the Best Ford in a Ford with his totally correct Model A banger.

placeholder://OTHG – Phoenix enjoying not having to work the GG Show!

It will be interesting to observe how things will progress in the future. Goodguys are making a lot of changes for 2018; The maximum year of the cars that are allowed onto the field is moving from 1972 to 1987 and here after will increase by a year. Goodguys are clearly intent upon attracting the 40 to 50 year olds into the hobby by accepting the cars of their youth. Goodguys are still restricting imports which may run counter to their goal, since it was during the 1990s that computer controlled fuel injected engines became the norm and the Tuner movement began. The offsetting factor here is that there are a number of younger folks (30 – 50 yr olds) that have fallen in love with the original Traditional Hot Rods and Customs who are very adamant on keeping Old School alive…

I would love to be able to say that Goodguys is trying to make the car hobby tent larger and more inclusive, but… next year the Big Tent will be gone and the entire field will be laid out differently… the inside vendors will move to large building, the Vendor semis will move to where the RV Parking is now and the RVs will move to where the Swap Meet was, the Swap Meet is headed toward where the Big Tent was… the Times They Are A Changing!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and we look forward to seeing everyone at the upcoming Christmas Party!Conrad

2017 Goodguys Spring Nationals

by Conrad Monroe

Westworld in Scottsdale, AZ

March 9 – 12, 2017

According to the Goodguys staff we had around 2500 cars at this year’s spring show. The weather was clear, sunny and warm with temps in the mid to high 80s. Actually on Saturday it may have been over 90° F. by 4:30 PM the field had pretty well left for cooler territory.

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  • 2017 GG SN - Day 1 - Shop Tours - 001 - Conrad Monroe

Thursday – Shop Tours

Very large turnout for the shop tour this year, I am guessing we had around 200 cars or more leave the Registration Tent for the tour. Unfortunately we only had 4 shops on the tour, the other 4 shops that had been lined up, canceled at the last minute.

The 1st stop on the tour was to Speed Sports in Gilbert. Mark Clark and his crew offer a broad scope of service including EFI & Turbo systems and Chassis Dyno Tuning for optimum performance. Unfortunately I was not able to get a lot of photos due to the large number of tour members in the shop.  One of the better speed shops in the valley in my opinion.

We next headed over to Squeeg’s Kustoms in Chandler.  It is always fun to visit Squeeg’s shop, they always have several interesting projects in work. I was especially impressed with the 1963 Corvette with a tube chassis and LS engine & transmission. It would be a joy to own and drive when it is completed! For the 1st time ever I saw an LS powered off road buggy in the shop getting a custom aluminum interior. King shocks all around and a Mendeola transaxle with 20+ inches of wheel travel… another I would love to own!

We skipped the 3rd stop since it was basically a car dealer, and headed up to Fountain Hills to Mods for Rods. Pretty impressive shop with a number of cars being worked on. From what I saw it looks like they do some quality work. This was the lunch stop and the end of this year’s tour.


  • 2017 GG SN - Day 2 - Swap Meet - 039 - Conrad Monroe

Friday – Swap Meet and Vendors

This year’s swap meet and car corral was one of the largest that we have had. Nice selection of parts, memorabilia and cars to look over and buy. One of the big hits this year was the Bob’s Big Boy statues in either bronze or fiberglass. One of my friends from Show Low bought one of the smaller 4-5′ bronze versions and asked me if I could haul it back up the mountain for him.  I was hoping that I could stand him up in the back of the wagon, but he was too tall. It would have been very cool to have him looking out the back window. As it was he laid down and took a nap while we drove home.  Paul & Judy Nolte bought one of the bronze one as well…

It seemed like there were less vendors in the tent this year but more down on the field.

I watched the autocross for a bit thinking that it would be fun to build a car for it, but then I went into the tent and had a cold beer and the feeling went away!

  • 2017 GG SN - Day 3 - Car Show - 075 - Conrad Monroe

Saturday – Car Show

I usually spend Saturday walking the grass and taking photos of all of the wide variety of cars that Goodguys draws. This year I had to stick around the wagon. My daughter and son in law were coming to the show and also my newly found Grandnephew who I had not met in person yet. I wasn’t sure when everybody was going to show up, so I spent a good deal of time in the Specialty Parking Area photographing some pretty nicely done cars in the Home Built Heaven section.



  • 2017 GG SN - Day 4 - Awards 1 - 129 - Conrad Monroe

Sunday – Awards Part One

  • 2017 GG SN - Day 4 - Awards 2 - 176 - Conrad Monroe

Sunday – Awards Part Two

The Sunday Awards were special this year in that Terry & Barb Scott won the Trick Truck award for their Chevy Pickup and Mike Combest picked up an award for this blown Chrysler powered Model A coupe. All in all this year we were treated to a great selection of cars in the winners circle!

After the awards Michelle, Big Boy Bob and I headed up the mountain for home, with a late lunch, early dinner stop at our favorite restaurant in Payson, Mackey’s Grill for a cold beer and pattie melt with sweet potato fries.

Early spring evening in Payson AZ outside of Mackey’s Grill

Another Goodguys in the books, next stop for Michelle and I will be ViVa Las Vegas Rockabilly Car Show in Las Vegas… it should be very interesting! We attended a similar show in Austin Texas last year and had a great time. What is not to love, traditional hotrods and customs and Pinups… doesn’t get much better.

Till the next time, stay safe and Keep On Keeping On!


2016 Goodguys South West Nationals

by Conrad Monroe

Westworld in Scottsdale AZ

In camera panorama made by the IPhone 7 Plus – nice little feature.

November 17 – 20, 2016

Another great Goodguys show is in the books. This year’s fall show was one of the larger ones with around 3000 cars on the fields at Westworld in Scottsdale.  Lucky for me, Michelle and I had just recently purchased new IPhones which provided me a back up camera. I packed my camera bag with my standard complement of Nikkor lenses into the back of the wagon, but left my Nikon DSLR on the front seat of my pickup, which I had parked in the shop… All in all my IPhone 7 Plus did more than a credible job of documenting some of the activities during the run of the show.

Thursday was registration and the shop tours. I did not get an exact count but I am guessing that we had a good 300 plus cars on this years tour.  We left toward the end and hit the Baer Brakes, Martin Classic Car Museum and the Hot Rod Interior stops. Baer proves that high quality products can be manufactured in the USA at a competitive price.  Hot Rod Interiors does some really high quality interior design and fabrication. They had several great examples of their work on display, I especially loved the 1939 Lincoln Zephyr!

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  • 2016 Goodguys SW_001 Monroe

Registration and Baer Brakes

We generally spend Friday visiting the Swap Meet and Vendor tent.  This year the Swap Meet & Car Corral were perhaps the largest in my memory. It ran the entire length of the south side of the field.

  • 2016 Goodguys SW_094 Monroe

The Swap Meet and Vendor Tent

Saturday was spent walking the field and finding vehicles that struck my fancy, and to be honest there were quite a few that put a smile on my face.

To start with we parked in Home Built heaven and we were placed right next to 1968 Mercury 4 door wagon. The owners were great to talk with, he built the car in his home shop and was faced with many of the same issues that I had to deal with, namely finding parts for something other than a tri-five Chevy or a prewar Ford.  He also made the same choice as I did and went with a 2005 fuel injected computer controlled engine. Instead of a Dodge he used a 4.6 L Ford with a computer controlled transmission.  This year they have put over 14K miles on the wagon… my kind of folks.

Another car that caught my eye was Dan Burdett’s 1930 5 window Model A coupe with a period correct hot rodded 4 banger engine. The quality of Dan’s work is phenomenal attention to detail after detail. When you have some time, take a close look at this car, well worth the time.

  • 2016 Goodguys SW_148 Monroe

  • 2016 Goodguys SW_246 Monroe

Saturday Car Show

Sunday is the awards day, however this year the weather on Sunday was turning sour as the morning progressed. After taking a series of photos of a really nice Dodge and Dan’s Model A Ford, Michelle and I decided that discretion was the better part of valor, and we headed home staying ahead of the storm.

  • 2016 Goodguys SW_312 Monroe

A Few Parting Shots…

Next up the Over The Hill Gang – Phoenix annual Christmas Party! See you all there!

2015 Goodguys Southwest Nationals

West World in Scottsdale Arizona

November 22-24, 2015

by Conrad Monroe

2015 GG SW NAT Pano

The 18th edition of the Goodguys Southwest Nationals at Westworld in Scottsdale is officially in the books. We had a record turnout of entries, vendors and swap meet participants this year.  My seat of the pants estimates for Saturday would be around 33-3400 cars, maybe a few more than last year. The layout this year allowed for more cars and space and so we did not have the Fire Marshal shutting down the entrance because the fire lanes were blocked like last year. The weather was absolutely beautiful for the entire weekend, clear blue skies and temps in the low 80s, frankly it was a Arizona Chamber of Commerce weekend.

Unfortunately this year I was not able to make the Thursday Shop Tours, so please excuse the lack of coverage.

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Friday –

  • 2015 GG SW Nat_000

Friday is typically my day for the Swap Meet and visiting the Vendors both of which seemed to be larger than I can ever remember in the past.  The Car Corral was huge this year with some really decent buys to be had.  Paul Nolte sold the ’34 Ford three window project car by 10 AM on Saturday which is good because he had bought back the ’29 Rat Rod that he had sold last March.

  • 2015 GG SW Nat_026

The swap meet was also packed with sellers and buyers, I didn’t run across anything that I had to have so I went into the tent and bought a pair of stock height spindles from Fatman and a March Performance serpentine belt drive system for the LS3 in my 1940 project. Both had nice discounted show prices.

  • 2015 GG SW Nat_045

Saturday –

  • 2015 GG SW Nat_067

I didn’t make my usual two passes around the field this year.  I kept bumping into to people that I haven’t seen in awhile so I spent a lot of time chatting and getting caught up to date.

  • 2015 GG SW Nat_095

Speciality Parking

  • 2015 GG SW Nat_149

On the Field

This year I headed up to the gate for the goodbye waving car parade and was able to stand on the back seat of Larry Besore’s golf cart which made a great shooting platform with a different perspective than what I have had in the past.

  • 2015 GG SW Nat_177

  • 2015 GG SW Nat_277

  • 2015 GG SW Nat_377


Sunday –

  • 2015 GG SW Nat_423

Another beautiful day in sunny Scottsdale!  Michelle and I had planned to leave after the group photo of the club was taken at 1:00 PM so we would miss the award presentations, but I went around and photographed all of the winners.

2015 GG SW Nat_453

I was very happy to see that Rick and Debbie Aronson’s 1940 Ford Pick Up picked up the award for Best Truck!

  • 2015 GG SW Nat_435

The Winners!

Well that about wraps it up for this time!

Next up will be the annual Christmas Party on the 5th of December, followed by the club picnic and photo shoot on the 9th of January!  I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season and that y’all stay safe!

Bis Später

2015 Goodguys West Coast Nationals

Alameda Fairgrounds
Pleasanton, California

August 21-23, 2015

by Conrad Monroe
Photos by Danise Cover

Making the run to Pleasanton for Hot Rod Week and the 29th Annual Goodguys West Coast Nationals this year was Bob & Betty Bailey, Larry & Brenda Besore, Charley & Danise Cover and George Thienes.

I don’t have a write up for the trip, but Larry Besore has made several posts on our OTHG-Phoenix Facebook Page.

Here are the photos that Danise Cover kindly provided!  It looks like as usual a good time was had by all that went!

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  • reunion & car show Pleasanston Ca 012

Pleasanton Part 1

  • reunion & car show Pleasanston Ca 073

Pleasanton Part 2

  • reunion & car show Pleasanston Ca 143

Pleasanton Part 3

  • reunion & car show Pleasanston Ca 213

Pleasanton Part 4

  • reunion & car show Pleasanston Ca 314

Pleasanton Part 5

  • reunion & car show Pleasanston Ca 397

Pleasanton Part 6

Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer!